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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Politica Istituzioni e Mercato


The Master degree in 'Politics, Institutions, and Market' offers a well-balanced multidisciplinary set of courses in the fields of political science, economics, history, law, and sociology, and aims at providing students with the necessary cognitive tools for the interpreting economic, political and social processes in the contemporary world. More specifically, these courses allow students to acquire advanced knowledge about the collective decision-making processes, the functioning of public and private institutions, and the interaction between institutions and markets.

The study program consists of a core of multi-disciplinary courses taught in the first year, and a set of specialized courses taught in the second year. At the end of the first year students can opt among three curriculums. 

The Institutions and Politics curriculum offers a variety of political science subjects, including the analysis and evaluation of public policies, regional and local governments, interest groups politics, political theory, elections and public opinion, political and electoral communication.

The Institutions and Markets curriculum offers a number of economic courses ranging from public finance to corporate governance, from behavioral economics to public choice.

The Institution and Lobbying curriculum focuses on international lobbying, is conducted in partnership with Mgimo University (Russia), and can be accessed only upon selection reserved to the students enrolled in the program.

last update: 14-May-2020
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